Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mardi Gras!

wake up and arrive at work. parade's pass by work throwing beads and such. a marching band battle occurs right outside the restaurant. and then i serve a table of drunk strippers - one of whom takes off her shirt on a dare she made herself. i love you, new orleans

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  1. I watch the parade pass me by and I see them but with a bit of unconscious effort they don't see me. I am not a blip on their mardi gras radar. My presence is a street sign to a place their minds do not want to go because of the discomfort it brings to their physical and mental well-being. This is ok with me as I am an observer without judgment but with dimensional acuity. So many delusional sleep-walkers are being led around completely hypnotised and compromised entirely without any awareness of what is taking place. This oblivious hijacking of the consciousness is a senseless albeit necessary nuisance to have to watch from within the null void. Watching these behaviors is remarkable yet a definate portent of a Kali-Yuga. An event that will be welcomed by the ones that want to watch a different channel. . .